How the Queen relies on homeopathic remedies to keep her well during the coronavirus outbreak

Royals use Homeopathy

As I dive more deeper into the effectiveness and mystery of the Homeopathic remedies - it becomes apparent how many millions of people (including doctors) utilize them. 

For many it may seem silly or a joke but for those who do a little research, a new world of mystery will open up! I was forwarded an article from here but there are plenty of others - including some great documentaries - into the mystery workings of Homeopathic remedies. 

Some argue and  say "It is a placebo effect - that there is NOTHING in the mixture to count as medicine" - but they can't explain how it works on Children and Animals who can't have the placebo effect. Farmers utilize Homeopathic remedies more effectively and with amazing results. 

The fight that there is nothing in the mixture - I would like to argue that that there is nothing we can CURRENTLY MEASURE in the mixture - but there is certainly a memory and an imprint of the remedy in the mixtures! 

You do not have to be a believer - you can simply test it yourself next time you are not feeling well - give it a try before you reach for the more potent allopathic medicine and see if you feel better. 

Here is the Queen who relies on Homeopathic remedies to keep her well. And, I would say, she is a good representation of it working! 

"THE Queen is known as one of the hardier members of the royal family, having only cancelled royal engagements due to ill health on a handful of occasions. And according to insiders Her Majesty may have alternative medicine to thank for her good health. The Queen relies heavily on alternative medicine to keep her well according to insiders.

During overseas engagements the monarch would be accompanied by a small leather case with a “bewildering” supply of homeopathic remedies, according to the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay.

The case would include:

  • Arsenicum album for food poisoning,
  •  Cocculus for travel sickness,
  •  Nux vomica for indigestion and
  •  Arnica, for jet-lag and bruising.

And it seems as though the alternative medicine has served the monarch well as she has remained astonishingly resilient throughout her reign.

Apparently homeopathy runs in the family with her father George VI relying heavily on alternative medicine and naming a racehorse Hypericum after a remedy.

The Queen mother, who lived to 101 was also said to be a fan of homeopathy.

Royals use Homeopathy

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