New Moon in Sagittarius Today!

new moon sagittarius

This is a time for new beginnings and gathering thoughts. Use the energy of the New Moon to start a new project or set goals

  1. Remember to make space for yourself. We want to create a sacred space that is just for you. You can cleanse your space with sage, or with your singing bowl or bells.
  2. Remember to have a Candle and your Moon Journal or Paper
    Spend a few minutes to calm your body. Enter into a calm space as you allow your mind’s chatter to float away so you can focus on the Now.
  3. Meditate to allow your body and mind to get in sync and start to expand your awareness to hear the sounds. Then expand to feel the air and energies around you. As you expand your awareness slowly to include the Moon and the universe, ask your body to give you signs and just notice.
  4. Call and Connect with your God of choice, Divine energy source, guides, and/or angels.
  5. If you have your journal, pray over the journal with gratitude.
  6. Open up to a new page and put the date on the corner and start to write down all your wishes.
  7. If possible – Read your desires out loud one at a time.
  8. Meditate quietly as you plant these wishes into the Divine matrix one by one.
  9. Notice how you feel if those manifestations were in your life now. Allow this feeling to manifest inside of you now as if you already have it. Be grateful for the energies assisting you in your desires and life journey!

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