Online – Full & Blue Moon Ritual – Halloween Night!

JOIN US THIS Saturday, October 31, 2020 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM EDT



This Halloween is so special! It is not only a FULL MOON but a BLUE Moon! Since my family and I can’t be together this Halloween – I will be doing a moon ritual via zoom.

Lots of Cosmic energies are swirling this time around. We have 2 planets in Retrograde and Uranus shining sudden change energies on us. What does this all mean and how can we tap into these energies in a positive way to utilize them for our energies, flow and manifestations?

For some of you who attended our moon trainings, this will be a great time to catch up on your manifestations. For some of you who have not experienced any kind of Moon rituals, I welcome you!

Moon has incredible powers over our earth, body and energies! All Farmers, gardeners and fisherman know and understand the cycles of the moon and they know how to utilize these energies. But for most of us, it is unknown as we live disconnected from Earth, Moon, Sun and Cosmos. We can now start to connect and see how these energies will help you going forward.

You are welcome to join in.
Bring – Journal, Paper, Pencil, candle, match, and an empty bowl and a bowl of water and Salt ( Sea Salt preferred but regular salt is fine) . If you have any crystals, such as selenite.. bring them to aid you.
Have – an uninterrupted space for your self.
This meeting will probably take 1-2 hours but you can leave anytime.

Let’s make it a Halloween to Remember!

PS: You will need to register via Zoom as well.

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