New Moon – November 2020

As I get ready to start my vision board on my sign and the NEW Moon, I notice how powerful this new moon is going to be! And the upcoming 2021 is going to be full of "Cosmic" energies. If we know, understand and notice these energies, we can utilize them for our advantage - after all this is how the ancients were able to predict things.

I started this week by ordering my board & pens. I have my items already for my session such as candle, sea salt, my crystals, pendulums etc. I am also looking at collecting or creating pictures & sayings.. so this week is all about just releasing what needs to be released and focusing on removing distractions from my life - at least for this week. 

New moon is a time where we feed our manifestations. Moon will be black as it sits between earth and sun. Blocking the reflective energy of the Sun.. and only sending Moon energy to the earth and people. Sun energy is yang, and moon goes through the yang and yin energies through its cycle. This is the Yin time, Female time, Seed time, Nourishing time. Time to care for our selves, time to reflect and thing about our goals, desires, what we love, what we want to give birth to. 

Most of us don't spend enough time focusing on what we want but instead complain about things we don't want. If you think about law of attraction and attracting things into your life that you vibrate with or resonate with like a tuning fork.. you can decide right now, at this moment, what you would like to have in your life and CHOOSE to think and vibrate with it by becoming in resonance with it. So how do you do it? How do we pull ourselves from this SOUP of chaos and hatred that seems to be consuming people around us? How do we block ourselves from being influenced so we don't resonate with it? 

Simple... choose and take action. 

Notice What and Who controls you by controlling your emotions? Do you let others have power over you, your life by simply written or heard words? Do you see the power words, statements and people have over you if you allow them? Some things we don't want to hear or see because it impacts our brain.. creates emotions and therefore drives our actions.

So take action to be in control of your own life. Not to be influenced by what is happening. Things happen to us to lead us to a better place, teach us lessons and give us a chance to reflect. There are lots of heartbreaks we all go through. But if you have faith of any kind, of even if you believe in your trillion cells that work tirelessly every single minute for you... you can choose what you are, who you want to be, what you want to have and who you want in your life. It all starts with a choice.

Now to take the action of understand what is impacting you the most. Whether that is positive or negative? Make a decision to remove it or if you can't, cut it down to minimal. First step to change is Noticing and Acknowledging it. Once you bring light to it, understand it, you have already started to change and transform it. Whatever has power us, whether that is beliefs, statements, people etc...we allow that to be.  Beliefs have a purpose and most of the time they are to protect us - somehow. If we dive deep in and look at our emotions, fears and what is holding us back from being happy and really look deep - start to write in. your journal everything that comes up.. then acknowledge these - now you are shining light to these - you have taken steps already to transform them, give thanks - because they led you to here and now you can take control of your own life. You have the power to release or transform... and once you do... you will be in control of so much of your life, your destiny, who you have in your life, what you attract and so many experienced will align for you energetically and spiritually.Don't look at your faults, look at your gifts and powers.   

Remember, people are motivated 2 ways, Fear or Pleasure. It is hard for people to notice this and they want to be the opposite but as I said.. first step is to notice and being honest with yourself. And also - one very key point - this motivation can be different in different aspects of your life! You may be motivated by fear in some aspects of your life - such as finances, and pleasure in others such as love etc. Only you know what motivates you in different areas of your life. This is a great exercise to sit down and notice.  Once you notice, you can change it. You look at the opposite and you look at how and why you have this.. and what you can do to change it. You have the answers within you. You just have to ask the right questions. 

So what that does have anything to do with New Moon? Well during new moon, we can focus on nurturing, seeding energies, the 100% ying energy has its time and this is it! This is our time for ourselves, to connect with our nurturing side, to focus on the positive and things desired, give thanks and seed our goals, desires, manifestations utilizing the cosmic energies into the quantum field if you will and to top it all off, we have 7 of the planets all watching us. Incredibly, they are all around as if looking down on Earth and sending energies of change. Remember energy is what it is, it has certain qualities and these energies have been defined differently throughout the centuries, these energies are linked to colors, sounds, emotions, organs etc.. because they resonate with the different aspects of us and mother earth. The combinations, angles and energy overlaps is what astrology looks for and different astrologies have different interpretations. 

Just know that we have a lot of Cosmic energies swirling right now. Know where you want to be, understand how to utilize these energies so you can be in control and not get mixed up with the waves of chaos some may feel. 

Outline the things you want. If you seem to have a list of things you don't want - that is a great start, then ask yourself :

  • "What do you want instead?" or 
  • "If that things is gone, what will you have in your life?" and focus on this. 

Make your list now! Order your vision board, get your pens ready.. get your pictures, saying etc ready. I outlined what I purchased below. See you online. 


I utilize black foam board but you can use any color. I use this because of New Moon  🌚 was  and Seeding concepts. There is a pack of 10 - if you have kids, loved ones  and  friends you do this with -they will go fast. If it is just you, you may just get one from a local art store. See what color resonates with you. Some prefer white so you can see more. I like the black as the other colors pop when I add pictures, saying etc.  For those who follow my rituals, we will add our gateway symbol on this board. 


These are the different pens I utilize for writing things and drawing things on the vision board 

Let's take advantage

I came across this video today and I like how he shows the chart and explains things as they relate to planets and conjunctions/angles of the planets to each other. In Biogeometry, we talk about the importance of angles, shapes and movement and I look at things a bit "combined" if you will to create a new understanding of things. He utilizes one form of astrology - for those who do not know, there are lots of different astrology methods and analysis. So not all are the same. Plus the person interpreting may interpret things differently. 

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