Spiritual Experiences and how it changes you

Spiritual Experiences

Today, we had a discussion on Spiritual experiences and how it transforms people. I have close friends who are very religious and often times we will get into discussions about beliefs. 

I realize that a lot of us brought into the world and shaped with beliefs of our parents, communities and people we love and respect. Others find their path through their own journeys and what feels right for them. 

Many love to identify themselves as belonging to a religion - I describe myself as believing in all religions and prophets but just not the way the "rules" require it. This is MY SPIRITUALITY.

When you experience "God" or "Nirvana" or "enlightenment" - what ever word you would like to use, you realize how small all this thinking is and how vast and amazing the power that emits nothing but pure love is. This has been my experience and the shift in my "Being".  Once you experience it you will know!  

My friends get upset then I tell them I don't believe in the Devil. I choose not to believe in it and I only believe in a field called GOD, Quantum Field, Ohm or whatever word you want to assign to it. It doesn't need to have a name- it is a connection. Man made descriptions and definitions are not accurate - in my opinion. Once you tap into it, Once you realize that there is no right or wrong but just  balance of things, you look at things differently.  Things and their opposites exist to bring balance - for example Day and Night

This state is not easy to get back to. I do believe we are living in an environment where this connection is made hard for us because our balance is thrown off. Our Energies are all over the place, our bodies are in constant battle mode and our environment is the same. We live under unhealthy conditions, we are ALL spoiling earth and damaging it, we are UNCONNECTED from Earth, Each other and Cosmos! Our waters are polluted, we are killing off our environment. We are made to believe that this is better for us. The new Tech revolution that will no -doubt kill off a lot of us. 

But there is a way you can connect and still tap into the powers - In my experience - it takes energy and effort to break through the man made traps and beliefs.. It needs your heart, your intention, your dedication and acceptance - It needs Faith and Belief that you can and will connect. 

Your mind has the gateway - you just need to find the path and the key to unlock this . 

My wish is for everyone to experience this state while they are on this earth to know that they are SO LOVED - no matter what you are going through in life, no matter how bad your situation may be, no matter how hopeless you feel, no matter how un-loved you may feel - This Beautiful Force is ALL AROUND you! All around us - waiting for us to Tap into it! Seek and You shall Find is a great motivator! Sometimes I ask how many steps do I need to go through but then I realize, those steps are crucial to what I need to learn. 

I think if you believe, you surrender and trust God that whatever comes your way, it is for the experience and you need to follow the path that is provided. Some may be rough, some may break you down only to learn to rise even stronger! Have Faith, Tap into it. You are Not Alone! You are Never Alone! You are ALWAYS LOVED. 

I hope this touched some part of your heart and if you are still reading it - there was a purpose for it. I had a lot of struggles in my life but I would not trade them in - because they led me to where I am today. I have no doubt, there are lot of adventures waiting for me. I welcome them. There are adventures waiting for you too. You are stronger than You realize! You always have a guide! We may not always understand the purpose or the lessons but if you learn to step back from events and situations and trust that it is for your highest best good, even though it may not seem like at the time, step away and look from God Eyes.. 

What are you Manifesting, What are you Seeking? THese are your manifestations and steps to your manifestations.. You and You alone are responsible for everything in your life! You wan tto change your life, change your thinking and listen to the signs and lessons from God. 

Every morning I create my day. I ask for signs to be noticed and for me to know it is from God, my spirits, guides, quantum field, angels and multi-dimensional beings. Everyday - I get to notice these signs! I don't doubt them anymore. You may start to do it yourself, you may doubt it.. but as you experience more and more you will learn to believe and manifest even more powerfully. 

Ask for doubts to disappear, Ask to believe with every cell in your body, Ask to connect with every cell in your body. Take time to Pray.. then meditate to Listen then Notice the signs DAILY! 

Be aware and awake! Chose to elevate above the created chaos - know that it is manifestations of others and chose to create YOUR OWN Life, Experience, Love and Connection. 

Try it - you will be forever  changed! It is easy. Start now. 

Another person can't do this for you.. This if for you to do, experience and become! 

You will spread love and emit God energy from every pore in your body! You have a choice! Only you can make that choice. It may be scary, it may be unknown but if you have faith - You will be shown YOUR PATH. 

I hope you join me in sharing LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY everyday! 

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