Healthy Living Research and Development – my goals are already taking root!

It is one of those weeks where you feel like things are just lining up! Amazing how that happens after you start writing out your GOALS and Map out your Dreams! 

This week I recorded the GOAL vs INTENTION along with VISION - GOAL- MANIFESTATION board activation webinar as part of my Spirituality Meetup Group.

 It is taking me about 2 weeks to go through my Ultimate Goal outline as I start to put things down on my goal list and then stepping into them to confirm things ( time line therapy, Muscle testing and various NLP & Energy techniques!)  - and I have to say - this week has been a none stop week of so many signs, confirmations and messages! I feel so blessed, so connected and excited about everything that is happening in our lives right now. 

We decided to create a HEALTHY LIVING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Organization. I also had signs of things pop back into my radar which I will be following up with. 

Just going through the process of doing the life intake, life wheel and outlining my ultimate goals -  Then of course Opening the GATEWAY has opened up the  field! These seeds are already working! My husband and I sat across from each other sharing the different signs and blessings that are clearly guiding us! I am loving the fact that he is doing it with me this year! 

I sat here tonight and was outlining the Levels and Experiences and how everything is connecting to lead us to the perfect place,  perfect people and to be able to make a HUGE difference in the world! 

I outlined this 

  • COSMOS - Cycles of the Moon & Sun, Astrology and energy of the planets and cycles of the cosmic energies, We are not alone! Adventures with Dr. Greer awaiting us! 
  • SPIRITUAL - Energy, Spiritual classes along with healing modalities and trainings I have been blessed to experience as well as teach since 2006 here in Virginia
  • MIND - NLP/Hypnosis/Time Line Therapy, Brainwave Entrainment/ Accelerated Learning.. and more since 1986!
  • BODY - This is my NEW Piece of the Puzzle - FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE 
  • ENVIRONMENT - Building Biology and Geovital is helping me understand and take control of our Environment to bring balance to our family by shielding and controlling toxins and making healthier, smarter choices! 
  • HOME - Our Experience with Real Estate, Home Building, Land/lot analysis, Feng Shui, Geopathic Stress and  Building Biology New Home Construction certification (coming soon!) - is a perfect MIX of knowledge, skills, network of amazing people who will help us define our new "Home" as well as help us build our healing and wellness center! 
  • EARTH - Connecting, Balancing and Respecting the space we occupy! Being more aware of our Trash, choices with toxic stuff, creating a  compost and Blessing our Garden to show it's love and send messages and plants that grow to help us! Amazing Signs this past couple of years with things that started to grow in our yards! My husband started to notice as we "asked" mother earth to send us signs. It has been an amazing experience connecting with our lot/land/garden. 

I also connected with my team- who create amazing graphics from my doodles! And Dane who is always working behind the scenes to make my information SEO'ed and working her magic in the BIG world and web of information around the world! 

We just started this website  and my first video just got put on this week. The process has started and I look forward to sharing daily or weekly information as my life adventures continue! 

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