Alexander Wunsch – The Oscillatory Body – EMF and Human Physiology

Alexander Wunsch

One of my favorite Doctors and Scientists in the field of LIGHT and HUMAN HEALTH – Alexander Wunsch talks about the impact of Light on Human body and cells in the video below. I wish I could understand some of his German videos but I learned some very interesting things in this video. Specifically the whole concept of OSCILLATION and how our bodies oscillate at different levels and how we are impacted by outside EMF and/or oscillations whether those are radiations from cell towers or Lights. Check out the interview he has on LED Lights as well as his other videos.

One interesting concept he mentions in about an hour into the video involves the MELATONIN and ESTROGEN relationship. When you have High Melatonin you have Low Estrogen and vice versa. If you add the receptor for the breast cancer gene into the mix, the higher the Estrogen the higher the chances are for breast cancer.

He goes on to talk about the lights we are exposed to at night and the intensity and types of lights that impact our bodies, eyes, and cells. It's FASCINATING!!

Melatonin Secretion

@1:03 – EMF’s impact Melatonin Secretion! It suppresses Melatonin reproduction/release.

Blue Enriched Light Suppresses MELATONIN - so do some other EMFs

Stress and Melatonin are on the 2 ends of the balance.  Immune system cleans up and starts repair when we are NOT STRESSED. but if your body never gets that signal? Or gets it on limited basis - then think about how this is impacting us, our kids, our workers, our environment...

What Can You Do?

Avoid FLICKERING LIGHT SCREENS - adjust your settings, change lights to non-flickering,  Switch to DC and ground it to avoid the EMFs. He talks about different things you can do to make changes in your office environment and home today. 

Clean Light or Full Spectrum light. Low voltage light options can be implemented. 

HEALING RED LIGHT - keywords to search  by:

  •  Low Level  Laser Therapy - LLLT
  • Photo Bio-Modulation
  • Collagen Light 

In each single cell we have over 100, 000 chemiscal reactions per second! We are pretty robust and can handle some of these EMF radiations but for how long and how much depends on the person and environment and circumstances! 

He has a great idea where he talks about bringing the AC Current to the House but switching it to DC - Direct Current in the home - to remove the Electric Fields and have cleaner electricity. 

In your Bedrooms - do not have Blue Light but orange or yellow ( amber) to help wtih Melatonin production

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