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Today, I talked to a friend of mine who wanted to know if there is an easy way for her to find out if something is good for her body or not. Since she lives far away and seems to be fighting some kind of allergic reaction along with her daughter, I told her to try Sway Testing a simple Kinesiology exercise. Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements!

Sway Testing

This is the simplest and easiest way to do it and is great for kids as well. I like doing it while grounded but you can also test it as you are.

  1. Go outside or be grounded and calm your mind and body.
  2. I like to visualize my mind, body, and spirit connecting and communicating. 
  3. Next hold whatever you want to test to your solar plexus or in your hand, heart level out.
  4. Balance your body vertically and consciously connecting to the ground and sky.
  5. Ask if the item you are holding is a good for you, beneficial or not, and request your body to show you a signal that you will know and notice. 
  6. I like to close my eyes and just feel. 
  7. Notice which way your body moves.
  8. If the body is pulled back it is usually a signal for something that is non beneficial, not good, or your body doesn't want it right now.
  9. If the body is pulled forward or into it (think of attraction), it is beneficial, or your body wants it.
  10. If your body doesn't move - then it is neutral.


Somethings are very easy to test and you will notice the movements right away. You can learn to tune into your mind & body this way. You can do it with foods, vitamins, plants, even water! 

Some of my clients will walk into a home and do sway testing asking "Is this home energetically beneficial for me and my family?".

Hope you enjoy it - leave me some comments if you test it out!

Make it a "Connection" Day - connect your mind, body, spirit with Earth, Cosmic and God Energies! 

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