Finding the Energy Power Centre in Your Home for Manifesting or Meditations!

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Find Your Energy Center

Are you looking to find the energy center of your home? It is usually where you spend the most time/focus in. 

Tim Walters talks about how it is usually where the TV is or where the families spend the most time like kitchens or even your meditation areas! Below is a great demonstration of how you can use your dowsing rods to mark the energy center of your home and also the directions of the energies from the vortex. 

You can use this area to do your moon rituals, manifestations, prayers, kundalini awakenings, channellings or just centering yourself and feeling the energies of the earth!  

You will be able to differentiate this from the Geopathic Stress lines by the way it is defined. 

Let me know what you think of the video and post some of your ideas!

For the Skeptics

If  you don't believe in any of this, just try it and see if you can become sensitive to the energies that are all around us! Once you "tune-in" you will know.

I hope you all try this in your home and find your energetic center! It will be a fun experiment I will do in the homes I will be selling. I will post some videos 🙂 
Make it an Awesome Day!

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