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I love doing energy cleansing sessions and trainings to not only show the process but to have people experience the “change”. In some cases, they can visually see it. The main excitement is to have people feel the difference. When I do space clearing for New Homes, I prefer to have the new owners participating. This may not be possible in all cases but it adds an additional layer of intentions, blessings, respect and  love towards the new home and the lot. 

We start with understanding the cycles of energy.  How each “object”, like the land, home, people and even the things we put inside the home have an “energy imprint”. All of these combined creates another layer of unique “energy”. This is why a great home that is cluttered, may not provide the best energy. Once people understand the cycles and layers of energies, they can relate to the “flow” of energy as well. We have daily, monthly, yearly and seasonal energies. We also have energies that may come from the earth underneath (Geopathic stress, fault lines, water, gases and other) or from above  such as chem trails or EMF etc. So when we do space clearing, we also do “Creation of Sacred, Blessed Space “ to further protect you and your family. 

In order to start to understand what, how and why we will do the things we will to not only  “CLEAR your Space and Energies” but also “CREATE a Sacred, Blessed Space” for you and  your family”, we need to do a little diving into beliefs and quantum physics. 


First step, if you are a skeptic or do not believe in energy, energy clearing or how blessings or prayers can impact – my intention and prayer for you would be to “Keep an Open Mind” and allow yourself to “Feel and Notice” for yourself. Often times when people can’t get passed the “BELIEF” – the door is shut. It is my belief that “God” sends us messages all the time to change our beliefs and to help us grow, but sometimes we refuse to believe in anything else. This is when larger events may happen to have the person “FEEL” and “Experience” so the belief can start to change.  It is a hard and uncomfortable space to be in when what you have always believed to be true seems to not be the case. But this is happening more and more in many areas and to all of us. Your Beliefs when you were a child were different than what they are now.  It is through experiences that we develop our beliefs. So if you have read this far so far, I am glad you are still with me and willing to at least “Allow the Experience” without stopping it with a “old” belief. You never know, you may just Open Your Mind and Heart to a whole new Dimensional World   

No matter what your religion or  beliefs, the process here is about Energy and calling upon the energetic “Beings and Beliefs” you may already hold.  Before we start the process, it is important for me to understand the beliefs ( religious, scientific & other) you may have and feel more comfortable utilizing.  A “God” of your choice or if you are more of a scientist the Quantum Field can be utilized so you have those visuals in your mind already that you can relate. Some believe in Angels, fairies, multi-dimensional beings and so forth.  I utilize these because you already have a strong connection and “imprint” of these. One ‘check mark” to check on is to ensure they are Positive and Negative experiences, associations and feelings. If they are, we may need to create a new path that is more positive and associated with Open Mind, Open Heart and Belief in your abilities to be able to feel, connect and expand in a new way. 

You may already know that there are “Blessings” and “Rituals” in every belief system. These create not only beliefs in people’s minds but also  experiences that bring about wonderful connections. Whether we are aware or not, our beliefs impact not only our own lives but the consciousness of all. There is power in our thoughts! This has been proven by Quantum Physics! There is a phenomenon called “The Observer” effect where they have proven the fact that we impact the outcome of things by simply observing and projecting our beliefs. So now science is coming to prove, prayers, meditations, intentions DO make a difference. So I won’t spend too much time here to explain what Quantum Physics is but if you would like to learn about my interpretation of it, you can watch my video and read about it here.

So once we understand that we can impact “outcomes” and “energies”, and understand the energy layers and cycles, we can get started with our ‘Space Clearing” and “Sacred Space Creation” 

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