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Homeopathy Documentary - Great Information and very informative! I suggest everyone who is wondering about Homeopathy to watch this documentary. 

It seems we have forgotten what Science is and what it is not. People are posting to "Believe in Science" - when science admits not understanding or knowing everything! We are still discovering what we are discovering! 

Think of a time when Science was wrong, when they gave the wrong info (Smoking is good for you, 9 out of 10 doctors recommend X type of cigarette - Chemically produced drink is better for your new born than Breastmilk - yes even though you have spent 9+ months carrying this baby inside your body where your body knows everything about this child.. You need to believe that a chemical drink is so much better for your child!  Any if you need more proof - just search.. atoms are the smallest particles ... well now we are discovering there are particles that seem to disappear and appear into existence! 

For those who say homeopathy works but they can't understand why -- and can't accept why - show the lack of open mindedness and even LOA. 

What people look for they will believe to have found it. Of course this goes both ways. 

But I ask you... 

Why does it matter HOW it works as long as it WORKS! When I was searching for remedy for my dad - I sat across from Herb the herbalist, who gave me a recipe to try on my dad. I asked him how I would know if it was the drink or not.. He looked at me and said " Why does it matter what makes it work as long as it does! Why do YOU need to know" - At that point I realized what he was saying.  What was my main goal? Find a healing solution for my dad or knowing I FOUND THE ITEM that helped him heal? 

I realized at that time, I needed to get my ego out of the way and trust God and the Universe to work through whatever channels we believed in to come through. Whether it was placebo or not.. WHO CARES as long as it works! 

There is NO - NONE - Modern medicine that works for everybody! how doctors work today's day and age is nothing more different than a factory worker going through the pre-determined steps with each "patient/item" that arrives like a conveyer belt! They spend 15-20 minutes, and prescribe something to make you feel better. They focus and believe that symptoms are the issue.  

Energy healers, homeopaths and ND's look at a person as a wholistic energetic being - where all parts work together. 

It is ultimately your decision ( or at least it used to be!) We are being forced to accept one narrative and people are not realizing you are giving up your freedom. 

But the pendulum is coming back. This is all happening for a reason. Everything has a curve - energy path! People are waking up! Mother earth will cleanse and Universe will not sit idle while people destroy...

Answers are within us but we are made to believe we are POWER-Less. But there are those who KNOW... We need more people to BELIEVE in themselves.  Believe in Mother Earth,  Believe in somekind of Cosmic Energy, God, Beings, Aether, Quantum Field... however you want to define a Divine Soup of Energies that we swim in... and that we are made of..... Answers are inside you if you just look! Just spend 10 minutes thinking about what a marvelous and amazing being you are! How do you know where you are in your body? If I asked you where "YOU" are... where in your body would you be? Heart, Brain? 

Isn't it amazing that we can lose pieces of our body and still live. Isn't it amazing that you have more bacteria in your body than cells! Isn't it amazing that at anytime, there is an entire orchestra of coordination that needs to happen for you to process what you are looking at, hearing, feeling, saying and maybe even tasting? 

You are an absolute Miracle! An AMAZING human being with so much more power and potential than you realize! I dare you to discover for yourself- Your Cells & self are waiting!!!

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