Parallel Universe discovered by NASA

Parallel Universe Discovered

NASA may have uncovered evidence of bizarre parallel universe where physics, time operate in reverse!
Those of us who follow some of the FREE ENERGY, DARK MATTER, Dr. Tillers 2nd 3D world, even some WICCAns, Spiritual Seekers, Tachyon, Quanta, The Field, Quantum Energy seekers will tell you that there is a FORCE or a FIELD that is all around us that we can tap into and we only tap into it @ specific times and specific ways (Yes some have figured these out!!)

This Parallel world or the Unseen world is powerful and provides some amazing properties that are available to all of us. Of course the minute someone discovers how to tap into this and utilize it, Government, religious and other organizations seem to block, destroy and even kill the people. Remember the witches who were burned, free energy people like Tesla, William Reich and so many others – destroyed and ridiculed. To this day, there are scientists who are afraid to share their information.

There is a great documentary that is old on some of the ZERO Point energy inventors that have been DENIED patents, ridiculed, destroyed, labs burned or seized – This should NEVER happen! The technology we could have Today! The Freedom we can have – For any of you who may be interested watch these: 
FREE ENERGY SCIENTISTS ( Recorded in the 90’s! Imagine where we could be if any of these were promoted!) 
If you have Amazon Prime Video – these will be free – if not it is less than a starbucks coffee to watch these! 

There is also a series where you can get more detailed one in each one:

So in this report from and New scientist – it reports: “Scientists at NASA have reportedly uncovered evidence of a bizarre parallel universe where the rules of physics and time appear to be operating in reverse.
Researchers conducting an experiment in Antarctica discovered particles from a universe that was born during the same Big Bang the created the one we live in, according to NewScientist.
A NASA team was using a giant balloon to carry electronic antennas into the sky above the frozen wastes of Antarctica when they encountered a “wind” of particles from outer space that were “a million times more powerful” than anything they had seen before, the news outlet reported.
Low-energy particles have the ability to pass through Earth without any interaction, but higher-energy particles are stopped by the solid matter of Earth, the report stated.
High-energy particles are only detected if they are coming “down” from Earth, but NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna detected the particles traveling “up.”
The findings suggest that the particles were traveling backward in time from a parallel universe, the experiment’s lead investigator, Peter Gorham, said in an interview with the University of Hawai‘i News.
Otherwise, the particles would have had to change form before passing through Earth and back again, something that Gorham described as an “impossible event.”
– REALLY?? – Still to this day we have scientists saying these are IMPOSSIBLE!! It is when we open our minds and allow the impossible to manifest - will the "parallel" universe open up to us! Goes back to the saying “ whether you believe it or not, you are right!” – Ok so I modified it a bit!
Gorham explained that the Big Bang, which happened nearly 14 billion years ago, likely resulted in the formation of two universes — the one that the people of Earth live in and another where everything operates in reverse.
New Scientist has some very interesting topics and podcasts!  
I enjoy how the universe unveils some topics that I am researching ! I truly feel so blessed and thankful on how synchronicities come about. Confirmations when you ask! Ask and You shall receive! Look for answers and they are unveiled!

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