WATCH : Tracing Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in Electrical Wiring

WATCH This Video : Tracing EMFs in Electrical Wiring (Magnetic Fields Exposure Due To Wiring) 

This video Karl Riley explains how the California Department of Health Services hired an electrical engineering firm to randomly survey 90 schools state-wide in order to measure the electric and magnetic fields from electrical power sources.

The engineers found elevated magnetic fields.

They also found that these magnetic fields were not due to external sources but due to wiring within the building.

The main error found was the improper connection of neutrals with grounds. This type of error can cause arcing, heating of circuits and premature aging of the insulation. 

This increases the risk of fire and creates elevated magnetic fields.

The study provided data which suggests that as many of 40% of schools have at least one mis-wired circuit.

This is a technical video you can show to your electrician to enable them to:

1. determine if there are misconnected neutral in a building’s wiring.

2. correct these problems.

It explains how an ammeter and EMF meter may be used to troubleshoot electrical wiring problems.

Electrical Wiring Errors Creates Magnetic Fields : Exposures can be highly dangerous 

In 2009 magnetic fields, of the type typically found on home wiring, were classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Magnetic fields are typically measured in Milligauss. 

The majority of the magnetic field safety guidelines around the world are based on the ICNIRP or IEEE recommendations.

The strictest guidelines are the ICNIRP guidelines. They recommend a maximum exposure limit of 2000 milligauss (mG) for the general public.

An independent group of international scientists called The BioInitiative Working Group recommend an upper limit of just 1 mG for habitable space.Recent studies carried out by a group of researchers at McGill University in Canada suggest that adverse biological reactions occur at levels below 1mG.This research also revealed that:- once exposed to magnetic fields our bodies can become highly sensitive. Afterwards exposures of just 0.1 mG create bio effects- magnetic field exposures over very different intensities created the same bio-effects. That’s to say a 1 mG exposure had about the same effect as a 5 mG exposure.

****Question: How can the ICNIRP guidelines of 2000 milligauss (mG) possibly protect us when independent studies show adverse biological reactions at 1mG?

****Building biologists and EMF experts regularly find magnetic fields in the 50-100 mG range and sometimes higher in peoples homes.

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