Warning of AI and the fact that there is no regulation – more dangerous than nuclear warfare

Ai- more dangerous than nuclear warheads

This is an interesting video on someone who is heading the leading technology for AI and is known as THE AI person, who has the technology and money. He can see what is being developed because he is developing it!  

"It is more dangerous than Nuclear warheads and we have no oversight on AI!"  How do we democratize AI power?

He is warning us about the power of AI and what can happen to the human race.  The amount of power and what can be done is explosive!

He is also recommending an organization that oversees the regulations of AI! How can you get other countries to agree. How can we control this when no one above us is regulating who can do what in SPACE? Who has the rights and power?  Why was SPACE FORCE created? Is this an era that is going to be controlling us - well they already are. He mentions we have an AI extension of ourselves - it is our CELL PHONES - all our "Behaviors, communications, pictures, interests, beliegfs and thoughts are CAPTURED and STORED! and not only that they are ANALYZED and they will be analyzed for years to come. 

Once AI gets released - what will happen to the human race?

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