Check out stats for Booming Single-Family Rental Market for Q1 – 2021

The overall Single-Family Rental Market Index hit a new all-time high of 90 in 1Q21, up sharply from 62 in 1Q20.

As we all know, rental are in high demand and prices are increasing. There are different types of investment properties, this executive summary is for Single Family Homes! 

1Q20 SFRMI survey shows:

  • Record-high SFR demand in many geographies drove several index components to all-time highs (data goes back to 3Q19), including:
    • The Single-Family Rental Market Index hit 90 in 1Q21 (0–100 scale with below/above 50 = contracting/expanding), up from 82 in 4Q20.
  • National median rent at $1,741, up 6.1% YOY in 1Q21 on a blended basis (new leases and renewals).
  • 1Q21 current leasing activity and expected leasing activity (next six months) both hit record highs.
    • The SFR industry is extremely bullish on current leasing activity (94 index reading in 1Q21 vs. 85 in 4Q20) and even more optimistic on expected leasing activity for the next six months (96 index reading in 1Q21 vs. 91 in 4Q20). The scale ranges from 0 (Very Weak) to 100 (Very Strong), with 50 being Normal.
    • For the first time in our survey, every operator expects continued strong leasing activity.
  • 4% occupancy for same store portfolios in 1Q21, beating the previous record of 96.5% in 4Q20.
    • The occupancy sub-index reading jumped to 80 in 1Q21, up from 74 in 4Q20. Scale ranges from 0 (Lower) to 100 (Higher), with 50 being the Same.

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