New Video Channels for Connecting – BitChute, DTube, Steemit and others?


You are hearing that there are issues with people wanting to avoid FAKE NEWS or have the FREEDOOM to Post anything they want because, let’s face it – We all want to be heard! Some people are stuck at home and quarantined and they can’t seem to find the info or their own TRIBE that thinks and feels like they do.

It seems we are now under the control of the BIG INFO providers – which has the right to control because they are offering FREE platforms for people in exchange for tracking their info, behavior and patterns! But we all “ACCEPT” or “AGREE” to the terms to be able to connect with people and groups we resonate with online.

So now, since there is so much POLARITY in our Consciousness – people are finding different Paths to connect and post their opinions. YouTube is also Purging information and people’s content as they see fit ( some good and some not so good in my opinion) – So this purge is viewed as an ”Alleged attack on free speech”?


There are new sites popping up like

But do these websites provide “POSITIVE” messages or just HATE Speech. I think you will find ALL kinds of information.

The concern is WHAT INFORMATION k APPROPRIATE for your family? What information do you choose to believe?

I have 2 kids so it is hard for me to keep up with the sites, apps and channels they use to communicate. I can’t even keep up with my own emails and things to learn.  When we think we understand one thing, there is something new and more hidden for the kids to communicate on. It is a constant battle I think for parents. Kids don’t understand what they can be exposed to. Their young minds are more susceptible to hidden messages and mind controls.

What our Kids Get exposed to

I don’t know if these sites are good or bad. We all have our own preference to determine what is good and bad.

There’s detailed information on these sites here:

video platform, DTube, which runs on the Steem blockchain database and is a decentralized video platform with little to no moderation that uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to pay its users. BitChute is similar, but whereas DTube takes much of its design inspiration from YouTube, BitChute looks like an older version of LiveLeaks. The creators of BitChute describe themselves as a small team making a stand against Internet censorship because we believe it is the right thing to do.

They all appear to different audiences.

HATEFUL CONTENT PROBLEM IS GROWING – SEND POSITIVE ENERGY AND THOUGHTS. We need to create our beautiful consciousness together – focus on what you want vs what you don’t. Spread Happy News, Hope, Heart warming stories!

Stop Hate and Fear

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